The Crisis Facing America

3 Major Medicare D plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) control 80% of the market, resulting in soaring prescription drug costs, decreasing competition, and fewer low-cost alternatives. The impact hits seniors the hardest and costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

Top reasons for this crisis:

Lack of transparency into drug pricing
Lack of transparency into drug pricing
Low reimbursements to independent pharmacies
Unreasonably low reimbursements to independent pharmacies
Anti competitive
Anti-competitive practices
Rebate dollars
Misuse of federal rebate dollars

PBMs contribute to over 50% of the increase in drug pricing.

Indy Health’s Answer

Create Medicare D plans that reduce prescription costs to consumers and improve transparency, combined with a Preferred Independent Pharmacy Network.

Indy Health Solutions

Indy Health was founded by a group of independent pharmacy owners from across the country who have first-hand knowledge of the effects high drug prices have on patients and the devastating effects of low reimbursements, DIR fees and preferred networks have on the survival of independent pharmacies.

We are creating innovative alternatives to the traditional Medicare D plan model along with creating a PBM and supplementary health services that address the needs of today’s complex healthcare market.

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Indy Health is committed to making prescription drug plans more transparent while controlling costs. Our team has over 616 years of combined industry expert knowledge from these areas:

Med D Plans
Med D Plans
Independent Pharmacy
Independent Pharmacy
Med D Actuarial Health Insurance Law
Med D Actuarial Health Insurance Law
Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Corporate Goals

  1. Medicare D Plan that is majority owned and operated by independent pharmacy owners not to be sold down the road
  2. Minimum of 51% ownership by independent pharmacy owners for all Indy Health companies
  3. Create a sustainable entity that provides a preferred network for independent pharmacies
  4. Leverage Preferred Network to raise reimbursements, lower admin and DIR fees, and increase transparency
  5. Empower independent pharmacies to create their own formulary, MTM and be able to negotiate rebates
  6. Give independent pharmacies representation within the system
  7. Create a sustainable company that addresses complex healthcare problems

Market Opportunity

Current Total Market Size

$20.2 Billion

Over $35 billion estimated by 2030


22,000 plus independent pharmacy networks and Independent pharmacy shareholders

Transparent reimbursements for independent pharmacies and transparent pricing and coverage for consumers


The number of eligible Medicare patients and patients who receive Medicare disability benefits is projected to double by 2030

These patients have multiple risk factors and take an average of 9-13 prescriptions or more

Macro Trends & Insights

46.3 million people on Medicare (80M by 2030)

Plans change every year and patients often rely on their pharmacy to recommend options

Market Advantages

5 Unique Advantages

Stockholders and plan awareness
Relationships with independent pharmacies as stockholders to help create plan awareness
Close relationships
Close relationships with state and national associations, independent buying groups and wholesalers
Partnerships which reduce marketing expenses compared to the competition
Leveraging pharmacies to create more positive patient outcomes
improve compliance
Ability to improve compliance through MTM, lower drug costs. Savings will increase profits


CVS Caremark
Express Scripts
Optum RX

Other Med D PDPs

How We Stand Above the Big Three

22,000+ independent pharmacy network for preferred network. Pharmacy organization partners

Medicare D Plan owned and operated by independent pharmacy owners with the first Preferred Independent Pharmacy network

Indy Health Incorporated creates the formulary, negotiates with manufacturers, and provides MTM

Transparent pricing and reimbursements, profit sharing

Work with non-PBM chains

We truly cut drug prices through less overhead and waste while providing real patient-driven care and solutions while promising transparency.

Stop being a spectator!Become a player and join the Indy Health team today!

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